How Fast Do They Grow Up

They say that home is where the heart is. Memories about the sanctuary of my childhood are still as alive as ever. In the comfort of that home there was a location where I tracked my growing in height. I remember marking on the door frame my size at a specific moment in time. I also wrote the date next to the horizontal line. I always found this whole idea extremely exciting, having a visual illustration of my progress. What I found more or less problematic is the impermanence of it all. When I had to move to a different place a feeling that I left some part of me behind always struck me. Peculiar as it may sound, I’m sure that maybe you felt the same at some point. Or maybe you were lucky enough to not have to move from one place to another.

Take it all with you

A wooden height chart represents, in essence, a board at Up Up Away made of a random type of wood, usually 6 feet long (1.85 m if you prefer the metric system). This board has lines painted on it, all perpendicular on the long part and with equal distances between them. Do you have a mental image yet? If not, try imagining a giant ruler made of wood, designed to hang on a wall. Simple as that.

Nowadays, things being as they are, people have to move a lot. The most common reason is job relocation. This could be more problematic that it already is if you have children too. Just like you did, they will want to track their growth, especially in those years that they get growth spurts and grow with amazing speed. With a wooden height chart you can fulfill their wish wherever you go, because it is as mobile as you make it.

I remember wanting more than anything to grow up when I was a child and when I saw that I kept on growing from one moment of time to another, it made my day. I believe that the childhood is the most relaxed period of an individual’s life, except maybe retirement. But then you’ll only relaxed because you can’t do anything really. The days were endless, the worries were nonexistent. Anything that can take me back to those days is a must have. Any item that can enable me to relive that total indulgence in what life throws at me, that complete freedom, is worth it.

For these reasons alone, this chart is a gift that a child will not completely appreciate until he or she grows up. But one the realization takes place, you will receive all sorts of gratitude.

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